A new routine has developed this summer. For the past two months a delicious wiff of smoke and roasted meat is to be smelled in my neighbourhood from a different wind direction each night. I can now set my watch to this smell: on the stroke of eight it’s barbequetime! My numer one favorite meat to roast on the barbi is definitely the German bratwurst. The crispy skin, the juicy savory meat.. Oh, just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Read on if you want to know more about the Böklunder bratwurst.

When I was strolling down our local supermarket Albert Heijn, these cute winded sausages caught my eye. Since my roommate told me he was going to put the barbeque on that night I decided to try out this product.


I don’t think I have ever tried anything by the brand Böklunder before , but since it’s a German brand you really can’t go wrong since the German bratwurst is renowned. This sausage can be grilled or prepared in the pan or -ofcourse- on the barbeque.


Since these winded sausages are pretty dainty they don’t need that much time to be done. I’ll say it took 5 minutes or so when the coals are really hot.


There’s one thing I can safely say about these sausages, they look absolutely amazing. If you would stack these up on a nice plate they would be a great eyecatcher. Or simply serve them with a colorful salad on a plate. Scrumptious.
But do they taste great as well? They’re ok. I feel like these sausages would be great if they’re served on the side along with other dishes, but for me personally it’s not a maincourse. It’s just not delicious enough.
The sausages have a nice texture and the flavour is ok, but they just aren’t as juicy as some other German bratwursts I’ve tasted. To me a good bratwurst has a lot of juice and a lot of flavour and the Böklunder sausage lacks in both. This is probably due to the size of it. Like I said, they’re dainty and therefore don’t have that much filling.
Conclusion: If I’m in the mood for a really good bratwurst I wouldn’t get these. Since meat is often the main thing at a barbeque this baby just wouldn’t stand out as much on it’s own (when it comes to taste). But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t repurchase this product. I would like to try how they taste in a ovendish with a rich tomato sauce.

Have you guys ever tried this product and what are your thoughts on it?

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