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Mister Kitchen’s Butch&Dutch Worsten


Het stamppot seizoen heeft zich aangediend en ik heb voor jullie de perfecte tip voor een heerlijk en verantwoord stukje vlees om de piepers en het kuiltje jus te vergezellen: Butch&Dutch worst van Mister Kitchen.  Dit is – hands down – de lekkerste braadworst die ik tot nog toe geproefd heb! Lees verder als je meer wilt weten over deze gouden tip voor de wintermaanden.

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Apron by Boojibo + Video


Thanks to a Dutch blogger named Teske I came across the beautiful aprons on Etsy made by Boojiboo. And sure enough I fell in love with one of them. Do you want to cook in style as well? Then keep on reading!

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Bratwurst by Böklunder


A new routine has developed this summer. For the past two months a delicious wiff of smoke and roasted meat is to be smelled in my neighbourhood from a different wind direction each night. I can now set my watch to this smell: on the stroke of eight it’s barbequetime! My numer one favorite meat to roast on the barbi is definitely the German bratwurst. The crispy skin, the juicy savory meat.. Oh, just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Read on if you want to know more about the Böklunder bratwurst.

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