Easter Sales Tip Part 2 // Retro Kitchen Tools


If you love retro looking kitchen tools then be sure to read this post! I’ve found a bread can, kitchen scale and a mixer all in retro style during the Easter sale.

Everything becomes more fun and easy if you have good working tools. It’s even better when they look awesome as well! Luckily I’ve found some great retro looking kitchen tools in the Easter sales. Like I promissed in part 1 of my Easter Sales Tip (click here to read it), which was about food, I will share my finds with you. For the Dutchies who are reading this, you can find these at Albert Heijn.

Bread Can
First off I found this pastel yellow bread can.


I’ve been looking for this for quite a while now. At first I was eyeing this baby from Wesco, but it costs 69 euro’s. Way too expensive for a simple storing item in my opinion! I’ll show you a picture to show you the comparison of the two (the one below is from Wesco).

Granted the one I bought is of a much lesser quality, but that doesn’t really matter in this case. It will sit on the kitchen counter and you open it once or twice day. Not much can happen there. It’s a really deep and big can which can store a lot of bread or other breakfast related items. It also comes in a mint green color.  It costs 17,99e.



A mixer is a real must have tool in any kitchen and I died when I saw this one in a mint green color. It comes with regular whisks and dough hooks. And has a simple, all you need, mode of operation. I own a blender and sandwhich grill by Tristar as well and I’ve never had any problems with them. There’s not much more I can say about this. It’s an affordable and handy tool that comes in a great color instead of the boring old white one. Whenever I see it I actually want to start baking (which is normally not my forte). It costs 12,99e.



Kitchen Scale
I used to use a cheap digital kitchen scale, but it broke down on me. So I naturally needed a new one, preferably one that can way up to 3 kg. Aaaand I found this beauty. Again in a mint green color. It costed me 12,99e as well and I’m surprised about the great quality. It’s not a thin, flimsy plastic scale. It’s made out of metal (so quite heavy). It’s very sturdy and it can way up to 5 kg. The bowl is not attached to the scale so you can easliy move around with it. I think this one is my best find.


Gingerbread Can
This next item was not for sale at Albert Heijn’s Easter sale, but I thougt I’d include it anyway beacuse it fits the theme well. In Holland we have a ‘cake’ that’s called ontbijtkoek. Litterally translated ‘breakfast cookie’. It’s a spiced cake (comparable with the taste of a gingerbread man) that we usually eat with butter on top. In the fifties they would store them in these kind of cans. You can still find them at flee markets or on Ebay, but most of the time they are not that clean anymore and I don’t like to put my food in them. I bought this one at Xenos for 5,99e.



I hope these tips were helpfull and you will manage to get them if you’re into retro looking stuff  like me. If you want to stay updated about upcoming posts then follow and like Nomster on Facebook: NomsterNL

Happy Hunting!


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  1. Leuk zeg! Ben je blog/website pas aan het ontdekken via Google 🙂
    Maar, ik houd ook heel veel van retro keukenspullen, en zo een broodtrommel zoek ik ook!
    Ik heb er een op een webshop gekocht zo een oude van Brabantia, maar ik ga nu ook voor pastel, past gewoon bij een heleboel ding.
    Er zijn altijd zoveel mogelijkheden.
    Ik ga je blog/website zeker volgen.

    • Uly

      31 oktober 2015 at 12:23

      Bedankt voor je lieve comment! Ja, pastel is inderdaad zo makkelijk om te combineren en gewoon erg schattig haha. Als je van retro keukenspullen houdt dan raad ik je aan om ook een kijkje te nemen naar de post over schorten van Boojiboo. Zij maken retro schorten in allerlei soorten en maten! Onder elke post vind je overigens ook een link naar de facebookpagina van Nomster (NomsterNL) op die manier blijf je makkelijk op de hoogte van nieuwe artikelen. Binnenkort heb ik weer een hele nieuwe lading ;). Bedankt voor het volgen, heel tof! X Uly

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