Want to know how I get my boiled eggs to look this cute? Then continue reading this post and see how I simply and quickly transform my eggs into little bunnies, bears, hearts and sea shells! There’s no magic involved, I promiss! It’s a quick, simple and fun way to surprise your kids or pimp your own bento box because it’s also suitable for adults. Let’s shape and mold!

I’ve been a huge admirer of bento boxes ever since my friend in high school – who was totally infatuated with anything Japan related – introduced me to them. Now I don’t always have the time to cute up my lunch, but every now and then I’ll try to kawaii up my food if I find an easy way. The child in me still very much appreciates any form of (healthy) food in a crinkle cut shape or some other childish shape. Luckily I stumbled upon these cute egg molds that can transform a traditional boiled egg into the shape of a bunny, bear, heart or sea shell.




These molds are actually multifuntional. You can place the eggs inside the molds to shape the eggs, but you can also use the outer part as a bread cutter. That way you can also make tiny sandwhiches in cute shapes. I’ve tried this, but I have to say that it doesn’t work that well. You can hardly see the relief.


There are several methods to shape your egss. First off you can chose to boil your eggs medium or hard. After that you peel your eggs (while they are still warm!) and place them into the mold. Finally you can either cool the eggs by placing them in cold water or in the fridge for ten minutes.

Method 1
The first method I tried was to use medium boiled egss and cool them down in water. I have to say that it worked fine, but I was still wondering if I could get a better result with another method.



Method 2:
The second method I tried was using hard boiled eggs and keeping them in the fridge. I left them in for about an hour to see if it would make a bigger difference. Turns out that it did! As you can see the shapes are much better and you can really see the relief. I’ll leave a list down below with the tips I can provide.





– Use hard boiled eggs, because they’re much easier to work with. They’re easier to peel and don’t break as quickly when you put them in the mold.
– Use eggs in size M or L. (I personally used L.) They’re big enough to really fill out the molds. You can easily cut off the excess egg.
– Put them in the fridge for a much better relief! The longer, the better.
-Unhinge the mold and first place the egg on top of it – gently push it in – and carefully place the top part of the mold on top of the egg. Use a little bit of pressure . This way there’s little chance you break the egg and it keeps its shape best.


As you can see the second method provides much more beautifully shapen eggs!

Left: hard boiled egg cooled down in the fridge. Right: medium boiled egg cooled down in cold water.

Left: hard boiled egg cooled down in the fridge. Right: medium boiled egg cooled down in cold water.

Simply add this cuteness to your dinner or lunch and be ready to wow people 😉


I bought these egg molds at the Action store for 1 euro, but you can also find them online on Ebay!

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Happy Nommings!