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Easter Sales Tip Part 2 // Retro Kitchen Tools


If you love retro looking kitchen tools then be sure to read this post! I’ve found a bread can, kitchen scale and a mixer all in retro style during the Easter sale.

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Easter Sales Tip Part 1 // Fish & Pavlova



After Easter comes the sale! I’ve found an amazing tasting quartro of smoked fish and a pavlova. Be sure to read this post if you want to see how I served them and how to get them yourself.

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Marks & Spencer Food Haul #1


Ik ben dol op Brits eten en gelukkig kun je ook in Nederland aan typisch Britse gerechten komen. Ook Den Haag heeft namelijk een Marks&Spencer. Lees hier meer over de verschillende producten die ik heb getest als crumpets, pork pies en pear cider.

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Bakso Tahu // Indonesian Streetfood

I love the simplicity and deliciousness of street food. Since I was a little girl I grew up with many kinds of Indonesian streetfood. I’ve made my own version of the famous Javanese Bakso Tahu. Read on if you want to know how to make this simple and delicious dish yourself!

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Bakso Tahu // Straateten uit Indonesië


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Valentine’s Day DIY: Homemade Chocolate Giftbox


Valentine’s Day is near! Wether you’re a hopeless romantic or you’re forced by your loved one to spend the 14th looking at eachother all doe-eyed, it’s the day of love, special attention and…gift giving. Now you obviously should always take care of the one you love and try to make him or her feel special and happy (almost) every day. And gifts, especially the ones that are expensively purchased, have very little to do with that. Still, I think it’s nice to surprise someone with something they want, need or can simply cherish. For me that moment is anytime and anywhere, but since a lot of people celebrate this day I wanted to share this DIY for a personalised gift: a homemade chocolate giftbox.

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Oink’s Broodje Varkensvlees

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Oink’s Pulled Pork Sandwich



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